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Are you a Phuket local, a visitor from overseas or from other parts of Thailand?

Contact Julie on any of the contact methods below. We love to receive your questions, comments and suggestions on practising Ashtanga Yoga in Phuket and also..... we are very interested in your feedback on this web site.

Contact Julie

Phone: international
in Thailand

+66 898 68 2639
0898 68 2639
Email: julie@ganeshayogaphuket.com

Web: www.ganeshayogaphuket.com

 Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ganeshayogaphuket

You may have questions ...

- About regular yoga classes in the Ganesha Yoga Shala.
- About private yoga lessons in your home or in your resort.
- If you have certain medical conditions and are not sure if you can practice yoga.
- Your pregancy and practicing yoga.
- How Ashtanga Yoga compares to other forms of yoga.
- Do only women practice in Ganesha Yoga Shala ??? (No, men do as well, we just
  did not have any pictures of them).


Thank you for visiting Ganesha Yoga Shala in Phuket, Thailand.