Slimming with Yoga

Favourite quote:

"Inhalation is God moving into you. Exhalation is you moving towards God."
Pattabhi Jois

Julie lights candle

Favourite quote:

"Dont fight the posture,
b r e a t h into it."

Julie with dog
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About Julie About Julie
The word YOGA fascinated me when I first became aware of it. I was probably 15 or 16 at the time, and used to come home from school to my mother trying yoga postures on the living room rug, from a small 25 cent pocket sized book she found at a food store check out counter. She used to encourage me to join her, and we even had matching ghastly forest green leotards. The practises never lasted very long, and almost always ended in hysterical giggles. But those joy filled times with my mother set my curiosity in motion, and from then on I was very interested in India, where that fascinating word YOGA originated.
It took some years, (25 actually,) before I settled into a serious yoga practise, but that time was full of crazy Asian travels, spiritual explorations, a cross cultural marriage, and motherhood, ("the" most intense of all yoga practises,) to finally settle here in a quiet soi (lane) in Phuket, Thailand.
I was fortunate to attend an ashtanga workshop with Anthony Carlisi in 2001, and have never looked back. This dynamic form of yoga really "spoke" to me in a way other schools of yoga had fallen a bit short, at least for me. After the first class I was so energised I felt I could fly home, yet for the rest of the day I was feeling clear and grounded. By the end of that week with Anthony I knew I had found a path I could follow.
Over the next few years under the guidance of
many gifted teachers, each one adding to my
practise in one way or another, the practise itself started to integrate itself into my life. I took my teacher training in 2005 with Paul Dallaghan,
O.P. Tiwari, Jeff & Harmony Lichty, Jessica Blanchard & Neil Barker, at Yoga Thailand in
Koh Samui.....a totally life changing experience
for me. Under the guidance of these exemplary teachers, I found out more about myself than I
ever dreamt possible, during those intensive
months of study.
Julie in headstand
Julie in headstand
When I left Yoga Thailand, the last thing on my mind was teaching. My first thoughts were, "I cant teach anyone anything, I'm still a student myself." But the realisation came to me shortly thereafter, that everyone who chooses the yogic path, are all students. Teaching is also learning, my students have taught me that. Through a strange twist of fate, and a funny course of events, the humble Ganesha Yoga Shala became a reality in the back yard in 2006.
One of the most important things I have learned through my yoga practise is to trust the higher power, open a space in your life with your heart and good intention, and all that you need will rush into that space. On advice of a special teacher, I have learned to follow my dreams......

I'd like to thank ALL my teachers, both past and present, for taking the time to share their knowledge with me, and send many Om Shantis to the one who encouraged me to, just do it, and was showing me the way, even when I wasn't paying attention. And most of all, thank you, to my students, I have learned more from you than you will ever know.

Julie Hirunchai